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Summer fun bicycle maintenance course

Machine offers a useful bicycle maintenance class that will be tailored to the ages of the enrolled students. Each bike brought to class gets a tune-up. And we will be offering discounted purchases for anything the students need for there bicycle (see list below). This course will be a 4 hour class (time/date TBD) and offer the following:

• Intro to shop safety

- knowing how to work with respect to the tools, space and other individuals is emphasized.

• The Bicycle: 101

- identify and name all the parts of the bicycle

- understand the functions of each piece and a little insight to how those parts are made.

- establishing a hierarchy of functions with the bicycle (knowing what is important for both the operation and safety of your bicycle).

- and we get a little greasy too.

• Maintenance

- Learn how to keep you bike in tip-top shape (will actually save you $)

Common needed parts:

- Tires

- Tubes

- Tools

- lights

- Service Parts (chains, cogs, cassettes, etc.)

- Helmets

Taught by Kyle Ward

  • 10 plus years in the bicycle industry.
  • Professional traveling Mechanic experience.
  • Studied metallurgy (welding / machining).
  • Studied architecture.
  • Raced as a professional road bike racer.
  • Loves bikes and sharing what he knows about them.