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There I am !!! :) ^ That's me ^


• My name is Kyle Ward.

• I am left handed 

• I am intimate with my work. 

• I have high regard for doing things by hand. It produces slower but it shows us we are human. 

• I also love that we don't live in a perfect world. Actually, I believe perfection exists only in the imperfections.

I build bicycles for the enjoyment of the end product, however the success in accomplishment comes from the process. To witness the development and how each challenge is solved is part of a multifaceted seek for fulfillment. Improving craft is a constant need. The craft in it's physical form is a chronological existence of reality. In life, I prioritize my roles as an individual, a husband and a father. My motivation is the sum of everyone else's positivity multiplied by the sum of my own positivity.  

I've worked in different industries and have always been drawn to creating by hand. My jobs have included but are not limited to Product Design in fields related to close proxemics of the human body, i.e. furniture, eyewear, guns (ergonomics) and pedorthics. Orthotic technician building foot beds (with Bill Peterson) and integrating that foundation into full bicycle fits, the sign industry, understanding materials and methods and how to implement them into society with real life obstacles and objectives. CNC programming, integrating mathematics into physical form and accomplishing tolerances. Building custom homes, where designing form derived from the human scale while achieving the fulfillment of the human(s) that occupy it was a constant battle. Also a bike shop mechanic where my customers were dependent on my ability to understand the mechanics of there Machine. All of these experiences have aided my ability to build bikes in some way. Formal education in design, architecture, welding and machining. 

How I've ended up building bikes would be a question I might answer differently every time it's asked but nevertheless I am here and I love it.  

After racing as a cat 1, I pursued education full time. While in school my focus was design, building and manufacturing. After a long ten years of being sucked into what I could have done for forever (school) I decided to start my own company, and Machine was born.

-Kyle Ward