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Falz Fork spec

Kyle WardComment

As frame builders we should be useful in the information regarding these Machines. After I had a couple people ask me what the specs were for the Falz, I decided to indulge an Interwebs search for myself only to find variations of numeric values for this, "Falz" fork designed by Dario Pegoretti. The first bike I put a Falz fork on was designed originally with an Enve and I got no feedback in the form of "this is much different" Because the specs are pretty close.

Any way I decided to take one of these forks to the land of point plotting and took some orthographic measurements. I've had the bones-of-the-thing in CAD for determining crucial dimensions so I figured drawing the actual fork might be useful for the general populous. Plus, it's nice to know real numbers as opposed to the 'data' some guy with a tape measure attempted to extract from his bike while trying to hold it upright. I have no problem being a source for information as I've learned more recently that their is a huge need for it. Feel free to ask "your local frame builder" questions they are more than qualified to either know or find for you.