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Machine Bicycle Co. 

We're going on our 2nd year. Waa-Hoo! 

• I wanted to send a special thanks to our customers of last year for all the support. We couldn't have done it without you.        -Kyle

• Also, we have an exciting year ahead of us. But first some reflection on the year past.


That was then

• Officially opened the doors in February. The dream has been 2 years-a-brewin. 

I set up the website. Which will always be a work in progress.  

I made some bikes.

Did a few races and plugged into my new community (a bit) - was reminded I'm out of shape

• Made some more bikes.

• Had to pick-up shop and move in September.

• Made some more bikes.


This is now

We're sponsoring team Dr. Will Bar.  Also will be racing with this great group this year.

Finally have a T-shirt designed, "Solo Bird"  One more soon.

All signed up for NAHBS 2015. Excited to be a part of the North American Hand-built Bike Show.

• I truly look forward to building each bike as they each teach me so more than just how to build a bicycle.


And a special thanks to my family for the encouragement and support.