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Dedicated to the dedicated

Kyle WardComment

It's always a pleasure when customers stop in to visit. It is especially exciting when it's Scott Peterson.

Who is Scott Peterson?

• A board certified Orthatist & Pedorthist out of Bend, OR who serves the needs of professional and Olympic athletes.

• Also a bike racer (and a good one too) who knows his work first hand.

Why should I know Scott Peterson?

• Simply because Scott is awesome and an inspiring individual. 

• But seriously, because knowing any of what Scott knows about bio mechanics and transporting yourself across this earth (by foot or by bike) will help you not only prevent injury but improve efficiency. 

• If you race bikes or not I would consider being a customer of Cyclesoles. For yourself, for life!

For me (Machine) my work stems from my passion and it is a constant evolution of design to improve. To the point where my customers don't have to think about it. So we're "dedicated to the dedicated". Scott, who I refer to as Scott "Soul-Shredder" Peterson is someone I look up to and inspire to be like. He is certainly someone who I depend on to put that Machine through the rigorous testing.