Machine Bicycle Co.

handmade bicycles.

Thank you for your interest in establishing an account with Machine. We offer great productsthat can help your business grow and prosper.

Please take a moment to complete the application and documents that are included with this letter. Upon receipt and approval of your application,
we will contact you concerning your account status. Please keep in mind that incomplete paperwork can delay or stall your
request. If you have any questions, please contact Machine at 520-403-9980.
Our relationship with the independent bicycle dealer (IBD) is of primary importance to us, that’s why we have stringent criteria for opening
an account.

As a prospective account, you must provide the following:

    • Completed and signed dealer application
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance with Machine listed as the holder.
    • Photos of your location: storefront with signage, merchandising, repair area.

Dedicated to Serving the Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD)

Machine is a wholesale distributor as well as Retailer. Because of their knowledge, investment and support of the bike industry, we believe the IBD best represent our products. Machine has the right to terminate accounts at it’s discretion.  Further, your shop must be:
    •  Clearly identifiable as a retail shop with dedication to the retail bicycle industry
    •  Operated with the intent of achieving profitability each year and not as a hobby    
 Commitment to Standards

    •  Once your account is open, we ask you to maintain specific standards. These include:
    •  Ethical business practices and compliance with Machine sales policies
    •  Timely payment
    •  Business plan
    •  Profitability
    •  Respectful and courteous communication with Machine staff.

*We ask all of our accounts to maintain an average order size of $2000 (annually). We have found that this threshold helps us both remain profitable. If this average is not achieved and maintained over the course of a year, a substantial minimum-order charge will be added to your invoices.

Defining Your Business Strategy

In order to better serve your shop, please tell us a little about your business strategy in the provided space in the application. Although it doesn’t have to be long and detailed, it should define your target customers and outline your strategy for serving them.

Machine Cycles LLC
9231 SW 50th Ave.
Portland, OR
Phone: 520.403.9980

Machine reserves the right to refuse an account based on the receipt and review of the application information, and your business’ alignment with our standards and criteria. Please call if you have any questions regarding these requirements.